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15.01.2013 13:20

Ищу инвестора

Нужен, инвестор

Требуется сотрудничество:
Require cooperation:
Searching for investor/partner to organize wood pellets manufacture.
Belorussian company (SOKL Energo LTD) is starting a project in renewable energy sphere. It would be the organization of wood pellets manufacturing from the wastes of wood industry.
The idea of the project is to start a manufacturing with a capacity of 3000-5000 tons of pellets per month (in case the successful start we are planning to expand production). Place – Lyda, Hrodno Region, Belorussia. Raw materials – the waste of local wood industry (forest areas in our district is approximately 20.000 hectares; respectively, about 100.000 tons of waste are produced each year). The average price for 1 ton of briquettes on EXW is 90-100 euro (depending on season). Products will be exported to Europe (in this case, the price of the briquettes can be increased significantly). Operational costs for 1 ton of briquettes are 60-65 Euro. Capital investment in the project (purchase and installation of equipment, rent of buildings, vehicle etc) is estimated as 1600-1800 thousand Euro. Net payback period of the project is up to 24 months. The amount of necessary investments is 1300-1400 thousand Euro. The conditions and terms of investment will be negotiated depending on the capabilities and propositions of the investor. We have a detailed business plan in Russian which in case of your interest will be translated into English.
Our initial thinking is to get investments (possibly competitive loan) in order to buy pelletizing equipment (possibly, in base of leasing). It would be also possible to supply investor with finished products in order to minimize our selling activities and to gain products for advantageous price for investor.
If you are interested and able to invest more than above mentioned amount of money (in this way the profitability of the project can be significantly raised and the payback period can be decreased till twice less comparably with above mentioned), it is not a problem to organize additional manufacturing plant in our place.
We are open to all your propositions and questions regards this project.
Partners in Lithuania : +370 62566506, +370 67730397
GFS Energo
Company: GFS Energo
Region: Lithuania
Phone: +37062566506,+370 67730397
E-mail: taifunas@mail.ru
Language of correspondence: English-Russian

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Предприятие:ГФС ЭНЕРГО

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