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06.11.2013 17:49

Coal energ

coal, energ.

Предлагаю продукцию:
There are very lot of kinds of coal. In each separate case and according to demands and final purposes
Buyer should inform you about especial paramters of coal. Therefore please send us official inquiry with
cola which is interesting for your client. We can offer just for the begining coal type D and type SSPKO
on basis -
- FOB Vystotsk - for coal type D
- FOB Novorossijsk - for coal type D and SSPKO
- CIF China and Koera (via port Nakhodka or other Far Eastern Russian port) - for coal type D and SSPKO
Quantity for SSPKO type coal could be startered in small volumes - about 10-15000 mt monthly with further
increasing if becessary
Quantity for D-type coal could be considered in volumes abt 20-25000 mt monthly with further possible
increasing depends on developments.
Please find attached files with certificates of both types coal for your confirmation.
terms of contract and conditions to be further mentioned in draft Contract after your LOI.
Payment by L/C
Prices and other terms sub further details and negotiations

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